Inside the Jury Room

Inside the jury room jurors discuss the case by carefully considering the evidence presented in court by:

  • all the witnesses

  • the arguments of the defence and prosecution

  • the summing up by the judge


No outside communication is allowed, except through the jury keepers.


Contempt of court

It is an offence, punishable with a fine or imprisonment, for a juror to tell anyone about any statements, opinions, arguments or votes made by jury members while they are considering the case.

Problems during deliberation

If a jury encounters any problems while they are discussing the case amongst themselves, they can contact the judge through the jury keepers for guidance.

If no jury decision by the end of the day

The jury will be brought back into the courtroom and the judge will remind them that they should not talk to anyone about the case. They will then be formally released until the following morning.

The next morning the jury will be called into the courtroom and asked to go to the jury room.

Reaching a verdict

When you have reached a verdict, tell the jury keeper and you will be taken back into the courtroom. The court clerk will ask the foreperson to deliver the verdict on each charge.

The foreperson must take care to only answer the questions that the court clerk asks them. When this has been done, your task is over, but stay in the jury box until the judge tells you to leave. 

If the defendant has been found guilty, the judge may pass sentence immediately. Alternatively, the judge may adjourn the case until reports are made available to the court, in which case sentence is passed at a later date. The judge will direct the jury about any further attendance or if they are no longer needed, at this stage.

"An absolutely incredible evening that made me challenge how and what I think. I can't get over how my mind was changing all of the time... well recommended."

Kirsty Lineman - London




Doors open at 6.30pm local time. Please arrive no earlier than 6.15pm and have your tickets ready for scanning.

Dinner is served between 7.00pm - 8.00pm. You must have arrived and scanned in before 7.00pm, otherwise we cannot guarantee that you will receive your meal.

There are periods of darkness and music during this experience. No Trobe lighting is used.

The experience will end around 10.30pm, however this may change slightly due to how long the Jury take to deliberate their answer. The event will finish no later than 10.45pm.



Is there a dress code?

We advise you to dress to impress, think Saturday night out.

Where will I be sat?

You will be sat at a table of 8-12 other people.

Is there disabled access and do you offer carer tickets?

Yes, all of our events have disabled access. We offer free admission for carers when the carer ticket pack has been purchased. Please ensure you bring to the event documentation such as your blue badge, DLA letter or note from a doctor or specialist. Carer tickets include one seat at a table and a meal and a carer seat away from the main table where the carer can offer a supportive role. Please note that the carer ticket does not include catering, no other food is permitted to be consumed at the event. For carer tickets contact the box office by phone.

How many people are on a table?

There are between 8-12 people on each table.

Will I be sat with my friends or colleagues?

Standard and concession tickets purchased on one order of up to 10 tickets are guaranteed to be sat together Group tickets for 12 people guarantees an exclusive VIP table of 12 and will also be sat together. Tickets booked as part of different orders may be separated when the seating plan is finalised. If it is important for you to be sat together then we advise that you purchase the tickets as one order at the box office. We will try to accommodate additional tickets to bring parties together however this is a request and not a guarantee. These requests should be made at the event and will be handled by the front of house team on the night. Due to the volume of emails received we are unable to reply to emails regarding the seating plan.

What is the latest time that I can arrive?

The latest arrival time is 6.45pm, after which we cannot guarantee that you will receive a meal, 7.30pm the experience begins, after which there will be no admission.

Is there on site parking?

Parking arrangements should be checked by contacting the relevant venue directly.

What is the menu

The food option will be a chicken main meal or vegetarian alternative. The exact style of dish we aren not able to confirm  prior to the event. It is usually a roast chicken dinner but this may vary. We are able to adapt dishes for dietary requirements. Please see the FAQ below.

What if I have dietary needs?

These must be sent to us by email no later than 10 days before the event. We cater for all dietary requirements including vegan, vegetarian, halal and allergies. Dietary requests and notes should be emailed to with your name and order number.

Do you accept debit cards on the night?

Yes, we have a PDQ for merchandise and 'on the day' ticket sales however most events sell out months in advance.

Can I buy drinks at the event?

Yes there is a full bar. Tickets unless expressed do not include drinks.

Do I need to bring anything?

Just a pen or pencil!

Is there flashing lights used?

There are no flashing lights use as part of this experience, it is suitable for those who manage epilepsy.

Is there a minimum age for attendees?

The minimum age is 14, guests 15-16 must be accompanied by an adult who is 18+



The 2020 trial of Frank Lane and Paul Sutton was written by leading barristers including those who worked on the popular UK Channel 4 hit 'The Trial -a murder in the family'

There are over 6,000 tickets on sale for the 2019 series of EU summer events

Our crew will send over 208 hours driving on this summers tour

The Murder Trial Live is produced ITAE Productions who featured on UK BBC Dragons' Den winning investment from Peter Jones and Deborah Meaden


In 2018 over 30,000 people attended an ITAE Group event

97% of attendees would recommend an ITAE Group event

94% of attendees agreed Itae Group events provide an excellent experience

ITAE Group events have over 20,000 followers on social media with thousands of visitors to our websites daily

ITAE Group events have featured on BBC News, Fox News (USA), Daily Mail, The Times and many more.

Press & Media Tickets are complimentary for EU press and include attendance and drinks. Press tickets can be claimed by sending an email request to



The Murder Trial Live experience is available throughout Europe for all kinds of venues on a box office split or guarantee. We offer direct bookings for schools. colleges, universities as well as corporate events, team building activities, conferences and theatre experiences.  Download the Production Pack by clicking the link below . Or email ITAE Productions manager





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