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Doodled to Death

A serial killer named the doodler terrorised San Francisco's LGBT community in the 1970s famed for sketching his victims before their untimely death.

The Doodlers victims we gay men who he approached in the various San Francisco gay bars and diners. The killer would strike up a conversation with his victims, flattering them with the sketch that he had created before taking the victims home where he stabbed them to death.

The known victims of the killer are believed to be 5 men, but police believe this figure could rise to as much as 15. A man was arrested relating to the Murders but avoided a conviction after 3 high profiled victims who had escaped the killer refused to testify in fear of reprisals from having to come out of the closet.

The man in question was described as a "black male, approximately 19-25 years old, lanky in appearance, with a medium complexion and smooth skin". Police believed the killer to be an Art student and after further investigation police identified a "person of interest".

When arrested the suspect found to be carrying a sketch pad and a butchers knife. Reports also found that the suspect's psychiatrist informed officers that he had admitted to the killings during a session.

Police have now reopened the cold case and released a sketch to how the doodler would look like today. The reopening of the case was encouraged from the progression of another cold case of the "Golden State Killer" responsible for 12 murders and 50 rapes in California. After uploading the Killers DNA to a genomics websites police were altered to Joseph DeAngelo when his distant relatives DNA matched that of the killers.

40 years after the original murders justice may finally be served.





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