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25 Mummified young girls

Russian man arrested after 29 deceased girls between the ages of 3 and 15 were found in his apartment of which 25 were found to be mummified.

A Russian academic named Anatoly Moskvin who spoken 13 languages was arrested in 2011 after police found 25 mummified young girls in his small apartment in Novgorod, Russia.

He attributes his obsession with the deceased after an incident occurred in his youth. When Anatoly was a young boy, he recalls walking home from school to be stopped by a funeral procession of a young girl name Natasha Petrova. Anatoly was then dragged to Natasha's coffin where he was then forced to kiss the girls corpse. He recalls "I kissed her once, then again, then again." Then Natahsa's grieving mother then put a wedding ring on Anatoly's finger and her dead daughter Natasha's. He believes this incident fuelled his obsession with the deceased.

Anatoly was finally caught after a 2-year police investigation into the desecration of local graves. Officers found Anatoly in the local cemetery and conducted a search of his apartment. What then followed shocked officers. Within his small apartment that he shared with his elderly parent's officers found what looked like a collection of life-sized antique dolls - expect that these were not antique dolls these were mummified corpses of human girls.

Anatoly mummified the girls by placing old rags inside the bodies and wrapping nylon tights around the girl's faces. He also placed dolls eyes into the sockets of the young girls so they could watch cartoons with him and placed musical boxes into their chest cavitys so it played when he touched them.

He explained the reason that he dug up and mummified the young girls was that he was lonely, he wanted to adopt but he didn't meet the minimum wage required in Russia to do so. He thought that by mummifying the girls he could wait for science to find a way to bring the dead back to life whilst he preserved the young girls with a mixture of salt and baking soda.

Anatoly was charged with a dozen crimes all which dealt with desecration of graves. In court, Moskvin confessed to 44 counts of abusing graves and dead bodies. He said to the victims’ parents, “You abandoned your girls, I brought them home and warmed them up.” Moskvin was diagnosed with schizophrenia and sentenced to time in a psychiatric ward following his sentencing. Though as of September 2018, he was faced with the opportunity to continue psychiatric treatment in his home.

Text sourced from William DeLong from www.allthatsintersting.com

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