Jury Summons

Your Juror's Number:

  • You have been selected for jury service by the English Crown Court. 

  • Your name was randomly selected from the Electoral roll register. 

What the Jury Summons means. 

Jury service is an important public duty within Britain. You will be asked to consider the outcome of a criminal trial in the English Crown Court.


This is an opportunity for you to be chosen for jury service, attend the Old Bailey and have a glimpse into the pomp and circumstance of one of the oldest justice systems of the world.



Be part of our experience as we put the UK judicial system to the test with audiences across America and Europe. 

  • Ever wondered what the pomp and circumstance is like  at the Old Bailey, the highest criminal court in England?

  • Or how any judicial system may assess the evidence and convict a murderer?


Well now you can. For the first time in history we are taking a murder trial on tour with all the pageantry of the English court (wigs and all)… and following an evening meal you will become the Jury and the decision, quite literally will be yours.

"An evening unlike anything I've experienced before, the iconic theatre of the court room and the debate with the other jurors. I didn't think reaching this decision would be so difficult" -ITV 


Working with a team of leading UK criminal barristers our completely accurate murder trial will unravel right before your eyes… but before the court room drama unfolds you’ll enjoy a two course meal with your fellow Jurors. When dinner is finished the defendant will be called to the stand… systematically our prosecution and defence barristers will lead you through the evidence... your job, under English & Welsh Law to determine what happened.


We have two criminal cases currently on tour in 2020. Details of which case is being heard can be found on the event listing.

The Crown vs. Mr Frank Lane

The trial of the Mr Frank Lane, charged for the murder of his wife Alison Lane at Loch Ness in Scotland in March 2017. This high profile case is an unusual example of a murder trial in the Crown Court with no body. Ultimately, do the prosecution have enough evidence to convince you the jury that they have enough evidence, beyond reasonable doubt that Mr Frank Lane murdered his wife and disposed of the body.

The Crown vs. Mr Paul Sutton

This historic murder case gripped worldwide media in 1993 when brothers Daniel and Stephen Brewer disappeared without trace on Boxing Day. There remains were discovered four years later underneath the concrete foundations of York University. For 12 years this murder case went unsolved as the police searched for the boys killer. A breakthrough later came when Mr Paul Sutton was pulled over for drink driving in Glasgow Scotland where DNA subsequently matched the DNA recovered from the boys remains. In this trial you will hear the evidence and decide the facts....

Check the event line up for the case listing. In both cases... innocent or guilty? You decide...

For the first time ever outside of the legal system you will experience the theatre and debate of the English justice system.

"Nobody has ever tested the system like this, what's so fascinating about this experiment is that the same trial and evidence could produce different verdicts in different locations -its fascinating”.

Executive Producer Samuel Piri

Our team of criminal barristers will lay out the evidence systematically. You will experience the presence of an accused murderer as well as analyse the evidence put before you… As a Jury you’ll retire to debate and deliberate the future of the accused  before reaching a decision… innocent or guilty? You decide…

The Murder Trial Live is a unique social experiment produced by the ITAE Group, the award winning producers of sell out UK tour Anatomy Lab LIVE and The VIVIT Experience and who recently featured on UK TV BBC Dragons’ Den securing investment

from Deborah Meaden and Peter Jones.

"This is unlike anything we've seen before -an edge of the seat evening where you decide the outcome -mind-blowing"

Manchester Evening News






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Another outstanding educational event brought to you by the ITAE Group.

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